TPO Turns 30

Monday, April 2, 2018 | style

As Janet from Friends says: “OMG!” Im freaking 30! But honestly, I feel my life is about to begin. I am graduating, going to France, moving to a new apartment, etc…it only gets better. Like a month ago I decided to celebrate my birthday in the most beautiful place on earth: “Puerto Rico” and it was the best decision ever. Scroll down to see the pics of “TPO turns 30” event.

So with the help of Kisai Ponce; one of Puerto Rico’s (and now NYC) best media producers we made the perfect birthday event!

I have to give special thanks to Carolina Herrera, Maybelline PR, Señor Paleta, Lucia Patisserie and STEM events for being part of one of the most important days of my life. Makeup & hair by Raiza Montes and dress by my best friend, Jean Cintron. By the way guys, you definitely need to try the “Good Girl” fragrance. #GoodToBeBad

Thank you mom, dad, and aunts for educating and encouraging me to become a better person for this past 30 yrs. And to the most amazing man I’ve ever met, thank you. For those of you who have met him, you know this man is out of this world. I couldn’t done it without him.


Photos by @supakid