Hi TPO’ers,

My name is Frances Estrada, better known as “The Pecking Order”. I’m a 27 year-old fashion blogger from Puerto Rico, living in New York City. Why “The Pecking Order” ? The Pecking Order is the dominant hierarchical system of the social organization. I believe that there exists a “pecking order” in the fashion world, and my dream is to work with the upper echelon of that “pyramid”.

I decided to open this blog in order to share my flair for being able to make (creating) great looks for every occasion, to share tips on how to dress for less, to do your makeup and hair by yourself, and to basically be great at accessorizing with statement pieces. I’m also covering events around the globe and showing you, my readers, who were the best dressed and who wore it best.

Style rules my world, I wake up everyday thinking of all the possible combination I can create for my daily look, and that’s what this blog is all about!