Jean Cintron Studio

Monday, December 28, 2015 | Decor

Hey TPO’ers,

I would like to present my new section in the blog called: “Interiors”. A year ago when I moved to NYC, I became intrigue by the setup of the many locations and their stunning interior design. This made me want to understand and appreciate every unique interior design.

My first post is the stunning Jean Cintron Studio. I made JC 3 questions regarding the style of his studio, and this is what he answered.

TPO: “What kind of style inspired you?

JC: “I was inspired by a Mid-Century modern style. I like everything very clean, modern and white.”

TPO: “Why all white?”

JC: “White makes me think, it makes me create and be inspired. It makes me relaxed plus it creates an open space for my clients, I like that they feel comfortable.

TPO: “What is your favorite piece in the studio? And why?

JC: “My big mirror. Mirrors reflect everything, they are honest, they reflect the true you.

Enjoy all the beautiful studio pics. Stay tuned for the next Interior post.







jc4 jc2



Photos  & Decor by JC