TPO’s NYC Apartment

Saturday, January 23, 2016 | Decor

Hey TPO’ers,

I want to introduce you to my NYC apartment. I am currently living at Upper West Side, is a very beautiful area in Manhattan. I have a one bedroom apartment, is not big but I try to make it look bigger. The trick for making your house/apartment look bigger is white walls, then you just need to add the details. For details I prefer gold, marble, white tops and wood ( I have wood floor here in NY, but in my PR house I don’t).  Plants is also a must have! I’ve never had plants, this is my first time. I bought some cactuses to try and it all went really well so I decided to buy a bigger plant (let’s see how it goes).

Almost all of my details are from Marshalls,  Scroll down to see all my pictures!