Handmade Sandals

Monday, October 3, 2016 | style

Maremaya is an island-inspired clothing line hand-made by Maya artisans in Guatemala and designed by Puerto Rican fashion designer Patricia Gomez. The Maremaya concept was born in 2014 in the Guatemalan highlands through the designer’s work with an indigenous women’s weaving cooperative. She fell in love with the people, the culture and the traditions of Guatemala and was also inspired by the mission of the cooperative: to allow Maya women from communities devastated by Guatemala’s armed conflict to lift their families out of poverty through work that promotes and preserves their culture.

Gomez’s years of fashion experience in New York City allowed her to instantly recognize the talent of Guatemalan weavers and the beauty and intricacy of their vibrant millennial patterns. She knew that if she could connect the Western fashion world with Maya weavers, it would bring lasting change to underserved communities. Maremaya’s collaboration with a select group of talented women creates one-of-a-kind, contemporary pieces that reflect Maya tradition as well as a relaxed, joyful Caribbean life. It also creates stable, fair opportunities that allow our weavers to raise healthy families and send their children to school.

Maremaya prioritizes transparency, by introducing clients to the women who make their clothes and offering clients annual reports on the welfare and progress of our weavers and their families.