Taking Athleisure Through Your Day!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 | style

Hello TPO’ers, intern Pia here and this time with a Fashion update!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a health and exercise FREAK! –  I love the adrenaline rush during and after a workout – it energizes me to take on my days. On the other hand, being a fashion student and intern -who likes to dress up and look nice- I found it hard to look my best before and after sweating- LOL. That being said, I’ve had to forcefully create outfit formulas that take me to the gym and beyond!


I have discovered that black and white workout  leggings are the BEST to transition from a workout outfit to a day outfit. They work with any coverup and can be “dressed” in many different ways. Pro tip: buy various pairs of your favorite simple black and white leggings, change up the bras, and tops and Voilá! You’ve created a different outfit. Bonus? You can find many affordable pieces out there (ASOS, Fabletics, TJ Maxx-my favorite, Athleta, Nordstrom Rack; and my favorite way to purchase these and many other items: anywhere on SALE).


Invest in a couple of cool tops; pullover or hoodie for casual looks; sweater  or jacket for a more polished look. Also, basic bras work great for me, but you can pump your look up with printed pieces too. My tip for making these outfits work is to keep them simple and clean, and adding your personality through the small details. I personally never take my bracelets and necklaces off, which adds to my signature look. I also at times add on a small crossbody bag, in addition to my gym bag, to use as an accessory and have my basics handy.


Here are a couple of ideas for those of you girlies that love to exercise and look good as well!

Tweaks like this make your outfit: YOU!


*Bra: TJ Maxx | Leggings: Bandier



*Sweater: TOBISneakers: PUMA X KARL LAGERFELD | Sunnies: Electric | Bag: The Real Real 



*Sweater: ASOS | Sneakers: Dolce Vita | Bag: X-Nihilo


Tell us how you take your activewear through your day!
Pia Montilla